With Symphony Orchestra

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Works marked with * have already been released on cd.
Works marked with ** are prepared for publication.

Arnold Schönberg


Arnold Schönberg

Die Jakobsleiter *
(“Die Sterbende”)

Bernhard Eichner

Wiegenlieder-Strauss (UA)
(with symphony-orchestra)

Carl Eberwein / Goethe

Proserpina *

Carola Bauckholt

Emil will nicht schlafen (UA)
(with symphony-orchestra)

Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy

(speaker of the melodrama)

Georg Benda


Georg Benda

Ariadne auf Naxos *

Gerhard Staebler

…und in diesem Blau eine Ahnung von Grün… (UA) *
(for Soprano, Sopransaxophon Solo, Posaune Solo and Orchestra)

Gerhard Staebler

Sappho-Trilogie (UA)
(choir and symphony-orchestra)

Hans Zender

(soprano, soloviolin and symphony-orchestra)

Helmut Oehring

Verlorenwasser (UA) *

Iris ter Schiphorst

an den Stränden der Ruhe (UA)
(with symphony-orchestra)

Iris ter Schiphorst

passion 13 – Melodram (UA)
(with chamber-orchestra)

Isabel Mundry

Penelopes Atem (UA)
(with symphony-orchestra)

Johanna Doderer

Mon cher cousin (UA) *

Jörg Widmann

Dunkle Saiten, concert for cello-solo and 2 female voices (UA) *

Kurt Weill

Die 7 Todsünden
(low version)

Ludwig Thuille

Die Tanzhexe **

Oskar Fried

Die Auswanderer *

Paul Aron

(with symphony-orchestra)

Richard Rijnvos

Barbara Baccante (UA)
(voice, Solo-Violoncello and orchestra)

Thomas Larcher